Current Issue, 21st January 2015

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European Court rejects McGowan complaint on procedural grounds
The European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) has rejected ICTU & TEEU's claim that the Supreme Court's 2013 judgment in McGowan - which delegitimised registered employment agreements - was a violation of their right to freedom of association.
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Social Dialogue v Social Partnership - it's all about politics
By the time the current Government assumed office in 2011, 'social partnership' was a damaged brand.  If there is to be a new national-level agreement it will likely be referred to as arising out of a 'social dialogue' process.  The critical issue, however, is that any new agreement would have to be tripartite in nature, as social partnership was - involving government, employers and unions. (Read more>)


Ibec's IR outlook suggests busy 2015, not just on pay front
Managing pay expectations, the reform of dispute resolution agencies and changes to Registered Employment Orders are among the critical industrial relations issues that Ibec says it will be on the lookout for this year. Maeve McElwee, Ibec head of IR & HR, spoke to IRN.
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