Current Issue, 16th April 2014

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Ending 'top ups' - stirring up a legal hornet's nest?
While the HSE acted decisively on the political problem thrown up by the 'top-up' controversy by ordering Section 38 agencies to cease the payments which breached public sector guidelines by July 1, it appears that the Executive may have sparked a complex legal problem that may be even more difficult to resolve.
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Begg extols 'intellectual weapon of mass destruction' in 'battle of ideas'
Just because there is a "battle of ideas" going on does not mean that employers and trade unions have to be at war, the Minister for Social Protection, Joan Burton, told trade unionists last week.  At the special event organised by the ICTU, a call for new national level pact that would link pay restraint to productivity was also heard. (Read more>)


HRM in Multinationals - Understanding How Irish & Foreign Firms Behave
A new study shows that the American model of HRM is not as dominant as has been assumed, with many Irish-owned multinationals demonstrating considerable similarity with their UK counterparts.  Below is a summary of the study by one of its authors, Anthony McDonnell, who presented the findings at the IRN conference on March 13th. (Read more>)