Current Issue, 22nd April 2015

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CIE unions eye the 'long game' in bus dispute
Bus unions are threatening industrial action to force some change to the plans for tendering 10% of routes, but in the process are risking collateral damage to their employers' finances and customer reputations.
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Productivity - a case of 'lost in translation'
Reports that civil servants will refuse to give "additional productivity" in return for pay restoration suggests that something has been 'lost in translation', given that productivity per se has always been regarded by trade unions - not just employers and government - as a 'positive' for the economy and society.
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Review of Severance Settlements, January 2013 to January 2014
While severance packages in many of the blue chip private sector employers are remaining steady, there are downward pressures in some areas, particularly in the public sector, including the state-supported banking sector.
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