Current Issue, 17th September 2014

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Compliance a central issue for any new REA in construction sector
New research on the construction industry, drawing from interviews with key industry players on Registered Employment Agreements (REAs), found that compliance will remain a key issue if any new REA emerges.  It also points up differences between housebuilding and the industrial/commercial construction firms. (Read more>)


Pensions Authority threatens to use new powers against 61 underfunded schemes
A crackdown on up to 61 defined benefit schemes that are not meeting the funding standard is planned by the Pensions Authority, which is ready to use its new powers to impose cuts in pension benefits.
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'Enforced Access Request' section of law on data protection now in place
It is now a criminal offence for employers to request employees or prospective employees to make a data access request seeking copies of personal data, which is then made available to the employer or prospective employer.
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