Current Issue, 1st July 2015

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LRC board approves Code on Whistleblowers & Model Policy
Agreed texts on a code of practice and model policy on 'whistelblowing' - drawn up and approved by the Labour Relations Commission and seen by IRN this week - are going to the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise & Innovation, Richard Bruton, to sign into secondary law.
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Congress Agenda 2015 reflects 'changing of the guard'
Next week's biennial ICTU conference will reflect the immediate influence of the new ICTU general secretary, Patricia King, while also highlighting a significant innovation pushed through by her predecessor, David Begg.
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New CSO survey shines light on part-time work debate
During the 2009-2014 period, many workers accepted part-time work due to the lack of full-time work, a new CSO study shows.  However, greater availability of full-time work in the last year has reduced this phenomenon. (Read more>)