Current Issue, 29th July 2015

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Paid parental leave 'top-up' would cost 11.5m a week
The introduction of extra parental leave could increase public service pay costs by €11.5 million per week if granted, if the current top-up benefit provided on top of maternity leave is extended to the new parental leave.
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Apprenticeships to move beyond traditional trades, number doubles
Twenty-five new apprenticeship programmes - ranging from software developers to HGV drivers - are set to move towards implementation in the coming months, following this week's report from the Apprenticeship Council.
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New EU data law set to increase 'red tape' for employers
The new EU data protection regulation threatens to increase rather than reduce 'red tape' for employers, primarily because employee data is excluded from the main benefits of 'one-stop-shop' at the heart of the proposed regulation.
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