Current Issue, 15th April 2015

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Focus on productivity needed for Government to sell deal to wider audience
Ibec entered the pre-public service talks discussion last week with guarded support for a public service pay review, albeit one linked to productivity and change. This will be welcomed by the Government faced with some hostile commentary regarding the notion of 'pay restoration', and the usual round of Easter conference demands by trade unions.
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End Junior Cycle row "before pay talks start" warns King
The Junior Cycle issue and the upcoming pay talks - and their possibly damaging interaction which each other - hung over this year's teacher union conferences.
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Union membership since 2003: new research on long-term trends
Union members were much less likely to exit employment in the recent crisis, compared to non-union workers, according to Frank Walsh of UCD.  In new research, the economist also provides suggestive evidence of a substantial 'free rider' effect associated with working in firms where unions have influence without being a member.  But looking at long-term trends, he warns that any halt in the decline in trade union density was merely temporary.
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