Current Issue, 2nd September 2015

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Celtic Linen workers back major restructuring deal, new 7-day operation
A major restructuring at the laundry firm Celtic Linen has saved most of the jobs, with a move to seven-day operation, outsourcing of logistics, changes in the supervisory structure, and flexibility with public holidays.  The 62 redundancies that will take place will be financed from the Social Insurance Fund.
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Decision on new public pay systems a matter for next Government
The Government will adopt a new method of determining pay for office holders and other higher paid public servants "in the future", according to the Minister for Public Expenditure & Reform, Brendan Howlin, recently.  In other words, there will be no firm decision on this question this side of the next general election.
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Labour Court will hear more rights cases than IR cases in future
From the final annual reports of the State's dispute resolution bodies before the Workplace Relations Act comes into effect, the pattern of case referrals show the Labour Court will soon be dealing more with employment rights claims, as opposed to industrial relations matters.
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