Current Issue, 11th September 2014

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CIE bus firms move ahead with intoxicant testing, unions raise concerns
Dublin Bus is planning to introduce mandatory drug and alcohol testing for all of its employees, although the main drivers' unions, SIPTU and NBRU, say no such testing is provided for in their agreements with the company.
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Varadkar's briefing documents show scale of challenge in Health
The Department of Health has admitted that full compliance with the maximum 48 hour working week for NCHDs by the end of this year as required under the EU Working Time Directive presents a "significant challenge".
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Mediation: new research shows that 'Talking' does work
Finding out how mediators actually do their work and whether they behave differently in different contexts are just two of the questions which University of Galway academic, Deirdre Curran, is posing as part of ground-breaking research into this growing employee relations field. (Read more>)