Current Issue, 26th November 2014

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TEEU re-states 5% pay claim, as membership tracks economic recovery
The Technical Electrical & Engineering Union (TEEU) has re-stated its general intent to seek wage rises of up to 5%, a position that the union originally put forward at its last biennial conference in 2012.  In the meantime the union's membership levels have recovered in line with the improvements in the economy, including the construction sector. (Read more>)


Employer conference links IR to health & safety
In the wake of fresh data showing the level of days lost to absenteeism has dropped since the crisis, Ibec hosted its annual occupational health and safety (OSH) conference - themed 'State of the Nation' - which looked at how the Courts treat illness and stress-related claims in the workplace. (Read more>)


Employers & unions have "no option but to be influenced by legal norms and procedures" - Kerr
The Labour Court's increasing responsibility in dealing with rights-based legal matters - not limited to industrial relations 'disputes of interest' - is a trend evident over several decades, one of a "changing landscape" that has brought about the emergence of "workplace relations", according to Anthony Kerr BL.
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